CL in Hello Kitty PJs

Hey again! Lolo also spotted the Hello Kitty PJ's CL wore in episode 10 of 2NE1 tv (which is now over... D:)
You can buy the PJs from Star-thots for $71.79. [Currently looking for another purchase place, because apparently Star-Thots isn't reliable. Will update as soon as possible.]


And here's the image from Star-thots. There are 4 available colours/designs on their website.


Thanks so much for sending this in! CREDIT: Lolo
-CoCo & Sundai :)


Julia said...

Absolutely not reliable! They are quick to charge your credit card for those hard to find items, but beware, you will not set eyes on them. My daughter was very depressed at Christmas because this company took my $150 but did not, and has not yet sent the t-shirts she wanted, or would respond to emails, either from me or my credit card company.