Hey, and welcome to our all-new blog! Here to entertain is CoCo, accompanied by wonderful Sundai. If you're wondering what this blog is all about, that's why we're posting this... post.
We're posting all about fashion! We'd love anyone's help, and we mean ANYONE, considering we're posting about ALL fashion. Mostly Korean fashion, from things we love the most, but we're trying to have a little variety in our blog by including everyone. So, wherever you live, whatever kind of fashion you like, if you see a celebrity wearing it, SEND US PICS! And, we'd love it if you included a name for us to credit you with!
We really like 2NE1, BigBang, DBSK, Super Junior, FT Island, Wonder Girls, 2PM and 2AM. Anything about all these guys' fashion, we'll be posting it. We do both female and male fashion!
Welcome to our blog, and we really hope you like it!
-CoCo & Sundai ;)