Lolli Lolli Oh Lolli POP POP <3 2NE1

as promised I was going to blog later about 2NE1 & Big Bang fashion, so here's my post about 2NE1 fashion in the Lollipop MV/CF.

1. Her bodysuit is from American Apparel. Click here. This cotton spandex jersey zipper-front bodysuit is 38$.

2. Her leggings are by Jeremy Scott from the "Happy Daze" collection.

3. In the MV/CF, CL is seen wearing glasses which are from Ksubi. The sunglasses are called Grille. CL here is seen wearing a yellow pair but they do come in different colors. I bought a black pair last year.


4. Shoe's look really familiar, will keep searching for them.

1. Her shirt is called  Leopard Big Print by Blondie T-shirt (I think). You can click here to purchase it on The tee is 18.99 euros.

Blondie Tshirt - Leopard Big Print
Credits: Big21 Fashion Evolution,

1. Her look-a-like leggings are really footless stirrup by Pamela Mann. Click here to purchase on funkysheila.

Credits: Big21 Fashion Evolution,

2. During Bom's filming solo, she wore a Double-Printed red and white T-shirt by Dolce & Gabbana.
32.jpg image by uisceros

Credits: Big21 Fashion Evolution

I will try to find more on 2NE1 outfits from the Lollipop MV/CF, like Bom's dress and all of their shoes. I would like to thank Big21 Fashion Evolution because most of the items in the post of today, I found on their site which they found.
CoCo xoxo