GD and Louis Vuitton

Greatings! :)
So I found a tiny item: The scarf GD is wearing in this picture, lol!
It's from Louis Vuitton. :)

I would give you a link, but the website is entirely made up of flash so I cannot link you directly to the scarf.
I'll tell you how to get to the scarf from the Louis Vuitton Website: > Collections > Women > Belts, Scarves & Accessories > Scarves > Printed Scarves & Bandanas
It will be the 9th item. It's called the Multicolore Monogram Square by Louis Vuitton and sells for $310.00. Cheap enough for everyone to buy (not).

I'd post more finds but it's getting late and my mom keeps nagging me to get off the computer.
See you later!
-Sundai :)
P.S.: sorry for the slow posts, my computer broke down for about a week. :S

Louis Vuiton Sunglasses

Hey guys!!

So my mom works for an optometrist and she knows glasses brands pretty well, so I asked her about the glasses in the pics I found yesterday on Big21Fashion.

I don't know how my mom saw this, but GD and T.O.P. are both wearing the Graffitti Mask Sunglasses by Louis Vuitton.


If you look closely, you can see that T.O.P. is wearing the orange ones and GD is wearing the pink ones (you can tell by the nose rim).

Lolli Lolli Oh Lolli POP POP <3 2NE1

as promised I was going to blog later about 2NE1 & Big Bang fashion, so here's my post about 2NE1 fashion in the Lollipop MV/CF.

1. Her bodysuit is from American Apparel. Click here. This cotton spandex jersey zipper-front bodysuit is 38$.

2. Her leggings are by Jeremy Scott from the "Happy Daze" collection.

3. In the MV/CF, CL is seen wearing glasses which are from Ksubi. The sunglasses are called Grille. CL here is seen wearing a yellow pair but they do come in different colors. I bought a black pair last year.


4. Shoe's look really familiar, will keep searching for them.

1. Her shirt is called  Leopard Big Print by Blondie T-shirt (I think). You can click here to purchase it on The tee is 18.99 euros.

Blondie Tshirt - Leopard Big Print
Credits: Big21 Fashion Evolution,

1. Her look-a-like leggings are really footless stirrup by Pamela Mann. Click here to purchase on funkysheila.

Credits: Big21 Fashion Evolution,

2. During Bom's filming solo, she wore a Double-Printed red and white T-shirt by Dolce & Gabbana.
32.jpg image by uisceros

Credits: Big21 Fashion Evolution

I will try to find more on 2NE1 outfits from the Lollipop MV/CF, like Bom's dress and all of their shoes. I would like to thank Big21 Fashion Evolution because most of the items in the post of today, I found on their site which they found.
CoCo xoxo

I'm in love with Lollipops!

Okay this is kind of old, like March of 2009 old. The first time 2NE1 appeared on TV for a CF with Big Bang for Cyon cellphones called "Lollipop". The CF, also turned into a music video for the song Lollipop, lyrics by Teddy, leader from old school group 1TYM and music by G-Dragon. This song was so catchy that the music video was even featured on Perez Hilton and many other American sites. In my opinion, the song is absolutely great, even though I don't understand any Korean, it is so catchy. I've listened to it at least 500 times and got most of my friends at school addicted, such as Sundai! :D It's a fun song to dance to and listen and I recommend everyone to listen to it before they die! My favorite people in Lollipop is G-Dragon because.. like.. come on! It's G-Dragon, he's as a weird fashion sense (like Lady GaGa), amazingly cute and his dog Gaho is so adorable. Oh, let's not forget the pink jumpsuit and the crazy hair which is totally unique. From 2NE1, I love CL! She is absolutely the baddest female rapper and she as so much attitude, it's really entertaining! But in this MV\CF, Dara is my favorite with her hair it's like WOAH!
Anyway's here is the MV:

Mp3 Download Link:

Here are a couple of pictures: 


Daesung (SO CUTE!):




Big Bang & 2NE1: 

Big Bang:

Cyon Cellphone called "Lollipop":

The fashion in the CF\MV is awesome! I just love it and I was thinking, maybe one day I'll do the "Palm Tree" hair do Dara is wearing for school! Haha, I would look so weird! Also, the cellphone look's so cool, on a youtube video, Big Bang was playing with the phone and it look so cool! MUST GET ONE! :P If only I could! 

Wow, big post! 
Hope to post on 2NE1 & Big Bang fashion later on,
CoCo xoxo

Credits: Youtube:YGEntertainment 

Hero Hamster

Hey again!
On star-thots, You can get the PJs that Hero wore in the season 1 DVD of All About TVXQ! The pijamas are from SAZAC and sell for around $60.00.

We really don't recommend that you buy this item (or any) from star-thots because it is known for being unreliable and not sending you your items after you sent your money. We're currently trying to find somewhere that you can buy these cute pyjamas.

Sundai & CoCo :)

Human Potential

So, while looking around we found a bunch of items from Human Potential and thought we would post them all up together.

사용자 삽입 이미지

In SBS Special Secrets of a Hit Song, Minzy is wearing the Logo Hoodie and Dara is wearing the Hive Head Hoodie. (click on each for a link to buy).

사용자 삽입 이미지

During SBS Inkigayo, So-yeon of T-ara wore the 3D Skirt Leggings.

Enjoy this while we find more items!
CoCo and Sundai :)

Tae Sang and T.O.P Acc.

Hey again, guys!
I'm back after a really long week with a lot of time consuming homework. Sorry for the huge lack of posts, but me and CoCo have a lot of homework.
Anyways~ So I was looking on big21fashion and saw a pic of Big Bang, and thought I would investigate a little bit.

So, Tae Sang is wearing a hat from none other than MNWKA (Mishka NYC) and I am currently trying to find what collection that one is from.
His shirt, as you can probably recognise, is from Phenomenon.
T.O.P.'s necklace is from Jean-Charles de Castelbajac's JC in the Sky with Diamonds collection. (Credit to Big21Fashion)
Doesn't Dae Sung's shirt remind you a little bit of Bom's dress from Insight? The pattern looks a little similar to me minus the colors.

It's getting REALLY late (or should I say early?!) and I really have to go to bed because I'm about to collapse on the keyboard.
I still have 1 or 2 things I found today, plus I'm hoping I'll find more tomorrow. So I'll be updating tomorrow :)
I will also search for the MNWKA hat and double check that the shirt really isn't from Isnight (I find it looks like it, but not that much. Better safe then sorry, though.)...
So, this is where Sundai says Goodye, Farewell, Aurevoir, Shanti, Peace and also Shalom.
And sleep well!
-Sundai :D

4Minute Extravaganza

Hey guys! You're curently being entertained by Sundai! :) So I was browsing through posts on when I saw one on 4minute. When I saw the cover picture... So many of their items popped out at me and I knew right away where they were from. So I'm going to post them all at once! RIGHT NOW!!! :)
First off, Here's the pic:


Leggings are from Human Potential. You might recognize them because Minzy and other members from 2NE1 have worn these same leggings. They're called Red Tire Leggings. Click here for link to the site.
Her top is from Forever 21. (Still looking for picture)
Her shoes are from Converse. (Still looking for picture)
Her leggings are from Jean-Charles de Castelbajac's JC in the sky with Diamonds Collection. You can purchase these at Ground Zero.

Her red shirt is from Good Nation. You will probably recognise it from 2NE1 wearing it.
I can't find the exact T-shirt so I'm probably guessing that he shirt was customize by their stylist. Click here to visit Good Nation's website. Here's a picture of the red shirt (with sleeves and no smile):

More updates will be coming soon.
:) Ciao!~~
CREDITS: Allkpop

G-Dragon (Part I)

Ahn nyung ha se yo!

So, yesterday I was suppose to post more but I got caught up with homework. Anyways, so I found a couple of G-Dragon items that I found by myself and some with the help of other blogs. So let's start:

1. The "Phone Print" jacket is from Jeremy Scott. I found this print also on a bag which Jeremy Scott designed for LongChamp.

2. The sunglasses that GD wore at the beginning of the Heartbreaker MV is from Jeremy Scott x Linda Farrow Shades. I'm looking for the white version but I can't find it right now so for now, click here to purchase the black version. Picture of Black Version:

Will update more later.
CoCo xoxo

"Cheer you up" T-shirt

C to the O to the C to the O is here! I'm feeling pretty happy today and in the mood to blog so look forward to many posts of ME today :) Anyways, so I was going through K-Pop sites and so I came accross one talking about a shirt which has a smiley face with X's for eyes and it says "Cheer you up" under it. Earlier this year, Jaejoong from DBSK was seen wearing it. Very popular MC Yoo Jae suk and Jang Dong-gun teamed up with the brand for a campaign. The campaign targeted the weary and unemployed in the Korean economy. Anyways, I fell in love with the shirt and wanted to post about it ever since. This shirt is from the apparel brand Giordano.
Here are pictures:

Yoo Jae suk & Jang Dong-gun:

I've been looking to buy it online for awhile now but I can't find any site selling it. If you want you can try Amazon or Ebay. I will still keep looking and if I ever find a link I will post it up. If you live in Asia, Giordano stores sell them. If anyone knows where I can buy it online, please tell me!
CoCo xoxo
Credits: Popseoul,

G-Dragon Posts

CoCo here and one of my favorite artists is G-Dragon, Big Bang's leader. Recently he went solo and now I'm even more in love with him :) Love his blond hair! Anyways here are the items that I will be searching for which was seen wearing on GD. Girls can wear most of the items since pretty much all of the items he wears is for girls or very feminine and was seen on 2NE1. Here are the items:
There will be more item's from GD. These are the most recent ones. Posts will be up soon. Please look forward to it :) CoCo xoxo

CL in Hello Kitty PJs

Hey again! Lolo also spotted the Hello Kitty PJ's CL wore in episode 10 of 2NE1 tv (which is now over... D:)
You can buy the PJs from Star-thots for $71.79. [Currently looking for another purchase place, because apparently Star-Thots isn't reliable. Will update as soon as possible.]


And here's the image from Star-thots. There are 4 available colours/designs on their website.


Thanks so much for sending this in! CREDIT: Lolo
-CoCo & Sundai :)

CL Cassette Playa

Hello to all again! Sundai here to tell you guys about 2 new items that CoCo and I found thanks to Lolo. Thanks again, Lolo!
Do you guys remember the Mnet 20's choice awards? Check out the Jacket CL was wearing. If you all look really closely, you might recognize the pattern found in Cassette Playa's These Colors DNT Run Collection.
here's a vid of 2NE1 performing at the Mnet 20's choice awards. Look close for her jacket.


 and here's the pic from the official Cassette Playa site.



Marc Jacobs

We have discovered from another blog what Kyuhyun was wearing during his promo pics. It's from Marc Jacobs, and all proceeds from the sale go to the NYU Cancer Institute (at the NYU Langone Medical Centre).
Here's a pic of Kyuhyun wearing the tee:
and here's a link to the shirt on the Marc Jacobs site. The tee is 35$ and comes in different colors with various celebrities in the background. You can only buy the shirt in stores, though :'(

Super Junior M


So we're already working hard in the process of making a To Do list to keep organised.

We're going to post our first one, for Super Junior M. These pictures are from their promo of Super Girl. As we go along we will tell you which ones we have already found. We will post more of these as we finish them.