GD and Louis Vuitton

Greatings! :)
So I found a tiny item: The scarf GD is wearing in this picture, lol!
It's from Louis Vuitton. :)

I would give you a link, but the website is entirely made up of flash so I cannot link you directly to the scarf.
I'll tell you how to get to the scarf from the Louis Vuitton Website: > Collections > Women > Belts, Scarves & Accessories > Scarves > Printed Scarves & Bandanas
It will be the 9th item. It's called the Multicolore Monogram Square by Louis Vuitton and sells for $310.00. Cheap enough for everyone to buy (not).

I'd post more finds but it's getting late and my mom keeps nagging me to get off the computer.
See you later!
-Sundai :)
P.S.: sorry for the slow posts, my computer broke down for about a week. :S

Louis Vuiton Sunglasses

Hey guys!!

So my mom works for an optometrist and she knows glasses brands pretty well, so I asked her about the glasses in the pics I found yesterday on Big21Fashion.

I don't know how my mom saw this, but GD and T.O.P. are both wearing the Graffitti Mask Sunglasses by Louis Vuitton.


If you look closely, you can see that T.O.P. is wearing the orange ones and GD is wearing the pink ones (you can tell by the nose rim).