Tae Sang and T.O.P Acc.

Hey again, guys!
I'm back after a really long week with a lot of time consuming homework. Sorry for the huge lack of posts, but me and CoCo have a lot of homework.
Anyways~ So I was looking on big21fashion and saw a pic of Big Bang, and thought I would investigate a little bit.

So, Tae Sang is wearing a hat from none other than MNWKA (Mishka NYC) and I am currently trying to find what collection that one is from.
His shirt, as you can probably recognise, is from Phenomenon.
T.O.P.'s necklace is from Jean-Charles de Castelbajac's JC in the Sky with Diamonds collection. (Credit to Big21Fashion)
Doesn't Dae Sung's shirt remind you a little bit of Bom's dress from Insight? The pattern looks a little similar to me minus the colors.

It's getting REALLY late (or should I say early?!) and I really have to go to bed because I'm about to collapse on the keyboard.
I still have 1 or 2 things I found today, plus I'm hoping I'll find more tomorrow. So I'll be updating tomorrow :)
I will also search for the MNWKA hat and double check that the shirt really isn't from Isnight (I find it looks like it, but not that much. Better safe then sorry, though.)...
So, this is where Sundai says Goodye, Farewell, Aurevoir, Shanti, Peace and also Shalom.
And sleep well!
-Sundai :D