"Cheer you up" T-shirt

C to the O to the C to the O is here! I'm feeling pretty happy today and in the mood to blog so look forward to many posts of ME today :) Anyways, so I was going through K-Pop sites and so I came accross one talking about a shirt which has a smiley face with X's for eyes and it says "Cheer you up" under it. Earlier this year, Jaejoong from DBSK was seen wearing it. Very popular MC Yoo Jae suk and Jang Dong-gun teamed up with the brand for a campaign. The campaign targeted the weary and unemployed in the Korean economy. Anyways, I fell in love with the shirt and wanted to post about it ever since. This shirt is from the apparel brand Giordano.
Here are pictures:

Yoo Jae suk & Jang Dong-gun:

I've been looking to buy it online for awhile now but I can't find any site selling it. If you want you can try Amazon or Ebay. I will still keep looking and if I ever find a link I will post it up. If you live in Asia, Giordano stores sell them. If anyone knows where I can buy it online, please tell me!
CoCo xoxo
Credits: Popseoul, Giordano.com


Anonymous said...

Last summer I went to Hong Kong and I went to a shop where they sold it, unfortunately I hadn't enough money to buy one. I you get some news, or hear about some website where you can buy it, please let me know!
thanks a lot =]

Kiwi & Strawberry said...

please let me know too...i have been searching for one too. Thanks

Anonymous said...

could anyone email me if you know a website I could get one of those, please?