GD and Louis Vuitton

Greatings! :)
So I found a tiny item: The scarf GD is wearing in this picture, lol!
It's from Louis Vuitton. :)

I would give you a link, but the website is entirely made up of flash so I cannot link you directly to the scarf.
I'll tell you how to get to the scarf from the Louis Vuitton Website: > Collections > Women > Belts, Scarves & Accessories > Scarves > Printed Scarves & Bandanas
It will be the 9th item. It's called the Multicolore Monogram Square by Louis Vuitton and sells for $310.00. Cheap enough for everyone to buy (not).

I'd post more finds but it's getting late and my mom keeps nagging me to get off the computer.
See you later!
-Sundai :)
P.S.: sorry for the slow posts, my computer broke down for about a week. :S


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